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Phenotypic drug discovery at the University of Miami

High Content Screening Core

Using a PerkinElmer Opera Phenix Plus high content screening system, the High Content Screening (HCS) Core at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis provides a cutting edge, multiplexed, functional screening and imaging platform for conducting cell- and organoid-based assays.

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Screening & Discovery

The HCS core at the University of Miami brings world class assay development and phenotypic screening technology to researchers in both academia and industry. From 2D to 3D, widefield to confocal, antibody to dye-based, we work with you to develop the assays and analytical pipelines that best suit your needs. Some of our current specializations include assays for neurite tracing, lipid droplet quantification, cell viability, morphological and kinetic analyses, phagocytosis, cell marker detection, and many others. 

Visit the HCS core's website to learn more about available services. 

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Lois Pope LIFE Center Room 4-26A


Core Manager
Yan Shi, M.Sc.
Phone: 305-243-6793
Please email questions to:


Core Director

Hassan A Ali, Ph.D., M.S.M.

Phone: 305-243-8491

Example of an object tracking assay: Lysozomal shuttling through axons of human iPSC-derived neurons / Credit: Elizabeth Jacobs, Saporta Lab

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